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Actyve Ski Warehouse

Specializing in used, brand name ski equipment.

Leasing Program

Skis and Snowboards (includes skis, boots and poles).

  • Junior Lease (Boots sizes 6 and under) – $140 complete package
  • Adult Lease (Boots size 7 and up) – $170 complete package
  • Twin Tip Skis – $30.00 extra to rent for season
  • If New Skis, Snowboard and Boots, add $100.00 each.

These are leased for the whole season. The return dates are Saturdays and Sundays in April. You will receive a reminder in the mail about the return dates. April 15, 2020 is when all rentals are due back). Note: No security deposit required (we believe in the honor system :)).

Daily Rental Ski (subject to availability): $29/Adult, $24/Junior First day, $10 each extra day; Snowboard: $34/Adult, $29/Junior First day, $10 extra day. 2 days minimum.                    Above rates not applicable on holidays. Please call for holiday pricing

Used Equipment Sales

Skis and Snowboards.

  • Junior Ski/Snowboard and Bindings – $130.00
  • Adult Ski/Snowboard and Bindings – $150.00 to $325.00
  • Junior Ski/Snowboard Boots – $55.00 sizes 6 and under
  • Adult Ski/Snowboard Boots – $75.00 sizes 7 and 8
  • Adult Ski/Snowboard Boots – $100.00 sizes 9 and up
  • Ski Poles – $20.00 sizes 40 and under
  • Ski Poles – $25.00 size 42 and up
  • Ski Binding Mounting – $75.00

Ski/Snowboard Tune-up (includes waxing, sharping and cleaning) – $35.00

Join Trade Up Program

  • Ski or Snowboard Set-Up (including resetting of bindings; Replacement of bindings if needed; waxing, sharpening; cleaning of skis (mandatory) – $25.00

  • Ski Replacement – $25.00 (used)

  • Boots Replacement – $25.00 (used)

  • Ski Poles Trade – $10.00 (used)

  • Twin Tip ski is not a part of trade up program (available at additional cost)

*Boots and skis traded have to be of equal value.

*Program ends at age 17.

Under this program, the items replaced are yours. If at any time during the current season the items need to be changed due to problems, you will not be charged a fee. You may choose to continue next year under the same program. You must purchase initial ski products from us.


Monday – Friday: 11AM  – 7 PM

Saturday: 11AM  – 5 PM

Sunday: 12PM  – 5 PM

*Call for extended hours Dec 1, 2019 – March 1, 2020

Phone: (516) 294-3700

Address: 750-C Stewart Avenue, Garden City NY 11530

The Ski Warehouse

The Ski Warehouse

Contact us by Calling (516) 294-3700